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the GOOD word

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Do you ever think about how much of our attention gets wasted on things that don’t enrich us? Or wonder how many brilliant ideas are out there right now that could move our world forward ... if we only knew they existed?

I do. 

I wonder what would happen if we could reclaim just a sliver of our attention from distraction and point it toward true solutions. If we could pull our awareness from the static and point it toward the signal. 

I bet you that if each of us could reclaim just one percent of our attention from the non-sense and point it toward things that make sense we'd have a golden age on our hands by 2030.

It sounds like wishful thinking to some and naive fantasy to others, but I'm betting on it. Because when you think about it, technology has given human awareness the capacity to coordinate at higher levels.  

how powerful our awareness is, especially in our digitally age, we amplify the things we give our awareness to. Whether we're on a search engine, social media, or anywhere on the internet, we are feeding the things we look upon.

If we agree that awareness is fundamental to the way our world currently works, then the next question becomes what can you shine a light on? What soil do you want to water?  


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As awareness goes, so goes the world.

Because every day that's what we're doing. We water digital soil simply through what we look upon, click on, and share. 

Many have pointed out that technology has the power to co-opt our awareness, but it's time that we flipped that on its head.  To start thinking about how awareness has the power to transform not just technology but our world as a whole. 

Of course, we are not confined to observation.  Our awareness may operate like light on a field, but we also have the capacity to plant ideas
in the digital field.   




If we could also just reclaim one percent of our awareness from the noise, and instead attune to true signals, the algorithms that map our digital world would be forced to take note. The topography of the internet would change. We would elevate the solutions above the static. New and necessary energy would flow into things we actually want to see grow. 

And all this simply by reclaiming our attention and redirecting it toward the good things we want to help grow. 
Every moment, we decide what matters simply by where we point our attention. 

So we must do better. And it can start with directing our attention more intentionally. Because by doing so, we naturally attune to things which we know serve our well-being and the world as a whole.

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Clancey Hilkene
founder, whōlsym

If we did reclaim just a sliver of our awareness and give it instead to people, causes, and companies that are creating the change we seek, we would help usher those very solutions and innovations to the forefront.

If we wish to see more beautiful solutions 

the onus is really on us to start pouring our attention toward matters of a deeper substance. A path that feels more pure. More good.  

When we feed goodness, goodness grows. It's 

The signal gets not just louder but clearer. This means that those who are still stuck in the static start to hear the music.  The people start to gravitate toward solutions.  

In other words, as each of us gives a just a little more time and energy to things that are beautiful, good, and true, we amplify them through the power of our awareness.

And as awareness shifts ever so slightly above from static and sliding  true signals, our world will shift accordingly.   

There is so much goodness in the world which deserves our attention. The challenge is that we must wade through a sea of noise and distraction to find it. 

To turn vicious cycles virtuous, we must

I founded Whōlsym because I want to help visionary leaders and enterprises deliver their ideas to the world -- to help them find the language they need to succeed. 


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Andrew Smith

CEO, Supply NY

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