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Everything we do creates a ripple in consciousness. In that spirit, here are three things we keep in mind to help our clients dream boldly and step into a deeper level of service to the world.  

Human attention is the most precious resource in the world, and recently it's been getting abused by the attention economy. So how can the gift or service you offer the world enrich human awareness rather than exhaust it? 

Respect Awareness.

As the climate crisis and the Coronavirus have made clear, the economy and the environment are inseparable from one another. As the steward of both, how can humanity create virtuous cycles that nourish both people and the planet.  

Create Virtuous Cycles.

Asking "Why?" ensures that we create purposeful work. But when we're innovating, embracing the spirit of "Why Not?" is actually more valuable. After all, why explain ourselves to the old ways when we're here to create something entirely new? 

Why Not?