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united nations
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The United Nations is the world's leading international organization seeking to foster humanitarian cooperation on our world's most pressing issues.  

On this film, shown before the General Assembly, I helped incubate the script and worked directly with the writer and director.

To learn more, explore the United Nations case study.

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mother nature's unofficial favorite.

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Opolis is an eco-friendly sunglasses company on a mission to clean up ocean trash and create a circular plastics economy.


I helped the founder on messaging, storytelling, and brand strategy. My work has been featured on their website, social channels, e-mail marketing, and in various press releases.

To learn more, explore my work with the founder.  

id tech

iD Tech is a summer technology camp that teaches kids how to turn a love for technology into valuable professional skills.  

I helped iD Tech find a North Star message for the company (Brilliance Built Here) and wrote the script for their recent television ad.  

To learn more, explore the iD Tech case study.

wear am
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Wear AM is a sustainable activewear brand that is blurring the line between art and athleisure. Designed by artist Andy Murray, the brand is known for championing radical self-expression through its bold and colorful designs. 

I helped the founder develop a new set of campaign messages for the launch of his new collection and helped him evolve the brand's positioning. 


To learn more about this work, explore my work with the founder.

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tread brightly


The Hibernook is a smartphone-controlled sleep chamber built with sustainability and space efficiency in mind.

I created the name (Hibernook) and tagline (The Smartest Square Feet in Sleep) for this exciting new concept.  

To learn more, explore the Hibernook case study.

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design: ASTVDIO

just salad
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Just Salad is a quick service restaurant that champions purposeful eating, climate-conscious cuisine, and zero-waste practices.

I helped them with a short film script for an in-store video encouraging customers to participate in their category-leading reusable bowl program.

To learn more, explore the case study


Fireseed Land Trust is an agro-tourism venture seeking to protect land from development while also using it to teach visitors about sustainability, conservation, and native ecosystems.

On this project, I helped the founder develop the name (Fireseed) and company narrative for the investor presentation.

To learn more about my work with the founder, explore Fireseed.

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Neobode is a real estate concept that brings together elements of a capsule hotel, social club, and co-working space into a singular destination. 

I helped the real estate developer refine the concept, create a brand name, and build an investor presentation.

To learn more about Neobode, explore the case study

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NEOBODE_sketch logo_190924_purple.png

design: ASTVDIO

To learn more about past projects, explore Case Studies.

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Step behind the scenes and see how I partner with Founders.

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